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03-10-2005, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
Totally agree, both with Blake and trading down. This is something you see with routine in the NFL and is what should be done. If you feel your guy can be obtained lower in the draft (as in Blake), then you trade out of your spot (if possible) and pick him up later.

However, I think NHL organizations are so scared that they will not end up with their guy (because of lack of information that you don't see with the NFL) and that they have absolutely no clue how to value trading picks (e.g. what is the difference in value when trading down from the #4 to #10). The NFL is mush better at valuing the trade of picks (although some of them are pretty bad at it sometimes) than the NHL. So the NHL doesn't and they get stuck making odd draft choices. The teams that have been successful at trades (Colorado, New Jersey) are the teams that have been successful developing from youth.

And I don't think anyone would draft Johnson over Crosby because the considerations in favor of drafting Crosby as plain and simple the best talent to come along in many years far out weigh the consideration for need. It's not an all or nothing proposition, it moves along a sliding scale.
We're in total agreement then.

And no, I didn't mean to insinuate you would take Johnson over Crosby. It was just an example of people unnecessarily picking based on "need" over "best player available"

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