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05-21-2010, 04:32 PM
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I shouldnt give away too many secrets incase any goalies are reading but the advice so far seems good:
  • You're gonna get knocked around a bit by the goalie and D (even in a non-checking league or pickup hockey).
  • Defelecting shots takes practice and time i don't have much advice b/c it comes so naturally after so long.
  • One thing you can try if you're really good at screening the goalie some of the only clues to where the puck is, is where you're looking, if you see say the D making a D-to-D pass to set up a onetime shot, follow the puck with your eyes but turn ur head away from the D who's actually getting the puck.
  • another big one i'm not sure ppl mentioned yet is stand tall, esp if its a tall goalie this is really important.

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