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05-21-2010, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by cheechoo14whitney View Post
Actually, I don't think so. To him it seems just as important to fit into the team's system and the role he's offered within. While he's a great role-model and a fine leader, he's not the guy you just put onto a rebuilding team that will go nowhere within next two or three seasons. He's a guy who can make a difference, and while he's never been the superstar who can carry a whole team, he still is much more than just a complementary scorer. He makes things happen, he's smart and reads the play well, he still got wheels and always shows off character and an exemplary work ethic.

He's not a guy who will float around if placed on a lesser team. He's also not the one you just bury on the bottom lines because your team is stacked up front. At this time in his career, it would seem the best fit for him to play a leader-by-example's role on a competitive team's top-six and power play - on a competitive team, not necessarily an already hyped favorite for the cup, but definitely on a team with postseason ambitions.

I see your point, but going by the language used by Rutherford, it seems like it is going to be a struggle between what he wants vs. what the team is willing to give.

IDEALLY is the word that makes me suspect.

Ray ideally wants to stay for $x.xx
Carolina ideally wants him to say yes to $x.xx

He wasn't dealt at the deadline, so they will probably work something out if playing with the Canes is worth a paycut

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