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05-21-2010, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
First off, let me state I am heavily biased on this issue. I am a defense lawyer and I know the man, for Chrissake's.

Now, I am unaware of the actual code sections under which Harpo was arrested. The language is very VERY important. Nor do I have the discovery (i.e. Police Reports, witness statements etc) to begin to analyze the facts. The reality is NONE OF US DO!

If I go from the reported facts, in California, thats likely to be charged under as a sexual battery, punishable as either a misdeamor or a felony.

As to opinion, I detest any of you, who have no background in this area, forming opinions based on superficial facts and coming to the conclusion that "he must've done something" for the police to arrest him. I would have you all excused from any jury I pick as already having formed your opinion before hearing ALL THE FACTS. Likewise if you already BELIEVE that the girl made it up, I can bounce you for cause (prejudice -- preformed beliefs) Closely related,but not to the same degree, are people who say "f he did it, fry him." Of course we all want people who break the law punished (me not so much depending on the laws) but you are basically willing to form part of the lynch mob IF, and we wont know IF until its all said and done.

It is currently just as plauible that he did it, as that she made it up. There could also be other entirely blameless explanations that none of us have thought of or considered. Remember that truth is stranger than fiction every single day and then some.

Now, as a defense attorney, based on the facts I have heard, and knowing that they must have been on vacation in DC, something is missing from this story that makes it suspect. A complete set of facts is the most glaring problem.

Moreover, this doesn't sound like a child molestation case with allegations of ongoing conduct. From the scant information and I stress SCANT, there was a single touching of the women's genital area. We dont know context, intent, or nature of contact. So put your torches down people. WE dont even know if the prosecutor for the District of Columbia will in fact file charges.

So as bad as this sounds, and it is just awful for any person to have to go through, hold off on your judgments.

Very well put.

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