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05-21-2010, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
A simple accusation, true or false, is enough to arrest someone, even for a felony. If everyone were guilty simply because they were arrested, alot of totally innocent people in this country would have wrongly become criminals.

I fight that prejudice, and it is just that, PREJUDICE, whether you admit it to yourself or not, everyday. Simply because someone is arrested means very little in the search for Truth and Justice. Attitudes like yours make my job a very difficult one.

All that is necessary for an arrest is an accusation. That is all the "evidence" needed. A quick example should suffice: If you and I were alone in the same hotel room for 5 minutes and I called the police and said you put your hand down my pants when I was coming out of the bathroom and tried to grab my ****, they would arrest you. Are you guilty? Did you do that? All the Police know is what I told them. You of course deny it, as everyone does. The police dont care what you say, because you are the accused, you are the criminal. So you'll be arrested and have to post bail if you dont want to rot in jail while your case slowly winds its way through the judicial system.

If the female accuser here was making it up, how would you or the police know? They don't try to sort it out in the field, they arrest the accused, prepare their (often falsified) reports and turn it over to the District Attorneys to prosecute.
Nothing at this point reveals guilt or innocence.

My sincere and heartfelt feelings go out to all involved for what in every circumstance is a horrible situation.
Relax. Don't take this discussion so personally. I understand your job is to find loopholes in the law in an effort to keep criminals out of prison, and if that's what you choose to do and you're really good at it, then more power to you.

It's already been suggested in this thread that his daughter may be a druggie, or insane. It's hard to imagine a person with that mindset and background with a full volleyball scholarship and graduating from Georgetown. Grasping for straws, it seems.

Has anything been said about Harpo's wife being there also? I'd imagine she saw what was going on, or perhaps was awakened to it. It's possible that her testimony played into the arrest as well.

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