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05-21-2010, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by mrmyheadhurts View Post
My point was, it's NEVER going to be a best on best tournament so why not embrace what it is? I don't believe having a lack of high end talent is the problem with the tournament anyways. It's the fact that it's poorly scheduled, happens every year and is clearly the ugly step child compared to the Olympics and World Cup.

It's not about restricting a talent pool, in fact, I would argue the hockey would be better because the pool would be more focused on youth and would have players really pushing to prove themselves for real international competitions. If the NHL is going to treat the tournament as a developmental tournament then why not become one? Otherwise it will be these same tired threads every year and the World Championships will still have no impact on the hockey landscape.

I'm sorry you can't understand my logic. Perhaps a hammer would be the best course of action!
The NHL doesn't treat it as a development tournament, only Canada does that. And I may be biased as a Canadian but I think thats fine for two main reason, one or overall depth of talent, two all our players lack experience playing on the big ice.

Though I full agree that they shouldn't be trying to (and I'm not sure if they even are) put it on par with the Olympic tournament.

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