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05-21-2010, 06:33 PM
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I like a yearly developmental championship for major nations but they should move it to a time when there's no hockey, 'cause I'd probably watch it then. It's a good testing ground for international teams and actually serves a good purpose- even if it isn't super popular in Canada. Younger players see their future competition while nations that can't compete as well in the Olympics have the opportunity to leap-frog stronger nations because they send younger or more players on par with the high-end skill level available on those teams.

However, I think a World Cup of Hockey should be held every 3-4 years during the summer. There's no hockey then and everyone misses hockey. It'd be great to chill on the patio with a beer and stream a fantastic tournament on the lappy- something you can never do during the regular season cause it's too damn cold.

The NHL can put up ads and use it as a marketing tool to hype players for the coming years, while the tournament itself showcases the best talent nations have to offer. It also gives NHL teams a chance to look at players who haven't cracked line-ups but definitely have some potential. The actual tournament would be set up in pools, balanced with top teams and lower-end teams. They'd play a two-round round robin (games on off-days) to eliminate bottom performing teams, and then in true hockey fashion play a 5/7-game series until we get a World Cup winner.

It's at best a pipe-dream (realistically impossible) but a guy can still dream. Too much chance of injury and too little profit in it for the NHL, and some people have this pathological opposition to hockey in the summer. One day maybe EA will let you customize a tournament in the NHL series and then I can make it .

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