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05-21-2010, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
Let's face it, we're fans that already have a tendency to over-analyze/discuss hockey...thus why we are here on HFboards. On top of the media sensationalizing absolutely everything, it trickles back to here and people regurgitate it. Issues usually only go away after the magnifying glass has completely burnt out the focused target. It's become beyond ridiculous.

Scott Stevens completely changed the fate of this team forever. One player with a fierce competitive spirit, and i'll be damned if i'm going to whine about it. He is what he is (one of the best/feared defenseman of all time), and the game would never be the same without that sense of risk.
I hate the habs as much as I love the Leafs...why would you listen to these jacka$$es....they truly believe that they have a "better team" than the caps and pens...taking away nothig from their upsets... but thats exactly what they I to believe that this Hab team will dominate the East next year? Remember the Oilers run? How did they do the next year? How bout them Flames who went to the final? Sens anyone?

Now they are slamming Mike Richards...I would kill to have him captain the Leafs...he is an awesome captain...The Habs dont have a player even remotely close to the grit skill toughness combo that richards has......they drool over stiffs like hal gill, the friendly giant...

Grapes is right when he says about Ricahards..."thats how the game is meant to be played"

Now go and layout a Hab Mikey

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