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Originally Posted by ts View Post
Um, the most fans that complain about c-,d- or whatever teams are from NA, not Europe. Swedish and Czech fans sometimes mentonis this as well but mostly when someone claims how it's clear that Canada lost because it's only their [insert a letter >a her] team.

One thing you have to notice about a under 23/24 championship: smaller countries often lack the depth to field competitve teams if you limit the player pool, I think there wouldn't be as many upset as there were in the last years, meaning less attention from non-hockeyfans, at least in the short run.

For example for Germany, our d looks ok, but on offense we would lose the major part of the actual team and our current NHL'ers.
The only reasons there are upsets at the WC is because countries who do have large contingents of NHL players aren't sending their best players. Your argument makes it sound like you are glad that the big countries are sending inferior teams because it means that the lesser hockey nations have a chance. That's a weird positive to me. It's artificial leveling of the playing field and it's the reason North America and the majority of it's players simply don't care about the tournament.

For the record, I never really cared about the WC until I read that stupid article by Szymon Szemberg. If I were a GM or owner of an NHL team I would be so pissed off. They are kind enough to let players that they sink millions, upon millions of dollars into, risking injury mind you, to participate in a tournament that everyone knows is meaningless. A yearly best on best tournament is simply unrealistic and would probably cost the NHL dearly.

If Euro fans are happy with the tournament the way it is, then why are they complaining about players from the NHL not fully participating?

I think it's great that Europe gets a tournament to excite the fan base but don't pretend it's an important tournament on the hockey landscape as a whole. Enjoy it for what it is or make changes to make it relevant.

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