Thread: Speculation: Johnny Boychuk? Go hard after him.
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05-21-2010, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by hpNYR View Post
Considering the individual was stating that an NHL PROVEN DEFENSIVE D-MEN is worth 3.5-4 mill; I thought i'd chip in and remind him there are DEFENSIVE D-MEN who make less then 3.5-4 mill UFA leverage or not. His statement was generic.

Once again, if you tried reading my posts you'd see I no way have supported Boychuk for 3.5 mill. In fact, I don't think he gets 3 mill nevermind 3.5 mill. I guess we'll see. Again you're stating the obvious. You need to look at your budget and cap situation. If there is 1 team that can't afford overpaying, it's the Rangers. We are #3 in the league in terms of having the least amount of cap space. However, my point stands. In Free Agency come Jul 1, It's an auction and most individuals are overpayed. Again, if an agent calls you it's very foolish to hang up the phone before listening to what he/she has to say; especially a team who has room for alot of improvement.

As far as Chara making Boychuk better. Yes, Chara is a very good d-men. Yes he's an impact player. Yes , he may have helped Boychuk elevate his game. However, I'm weary of those claiming him to be more then that. He has his share of lackluster passes from his own zone. He has his share of being burned by quicker players.
I apologize for assuming you wanted Boychuk at that price. But I think you are really overrating him. I mean, saying he is better then Girardi?

I don't understand why you brought up all those players in the first place. He said a proven defensive d-men is worth 3.5-4 mil, players who are RFA don't necessarily get what they are really worth.

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