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05-21-2010, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by mexicohockey View Post
The IIHF consider themselves and rightfully the world's governing body of hockey. From their perspective national championships should be over by the day the tournament starts. This is the case in all but two member nations.
The problem is that isn't just any 2 nations, it is the biggest 2 nations as far as the sport goes. Going by the number of registered players (which one can translate into fans of the sport) Canada and US are by far the biggest two hockey nations. I believe they both individually produce more registered players than all of Europe. By holding the tournament when it does basically marginalizes it in NA and as a result the IIHF is probably leaving money at the table.

The solution is easy, move the tournament to September before the start of the seasons. With it before the season you are more likely to get top players. That probably means more money out for TV rights out of Canada, and probably actually getting the tournament on a higher channel than NBC's olympic sports channel in the states as more tv slots are available in September. It also allows for the tournament to be brought to NA more often as arenas will be available. Thus the tournament can get more promotion over building the profile and thus more money for the IIHF. Building the tournament more globally outside of Europe should be the IIHF's goal.

Originally Posted by mexicohockey View Post
Unfortunately, Canada will pull out of the Olympics as well the IOC bases its entry policy on the IIHF world rankings....
No they won't. If the US and Canada both pulled out of the World Championships they would still probably automatically make it in the Olympics because of pressure from the IOC for the IIHF to include them. If those countries had to qualify and weren't guaranteed entry that would make the NHL's decision to not release the players very easy. Plus as hockey is one of the showcase events the IOC won't want the hockey tournament margalized with the absent of the US (whose TV money basically bankrolls the IOC) and Canada (the historic top power of the sport). And the IIHF isn't FIFA where they don't need the IOC.

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