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MLD11: Trenton Devils

Coach: Marc Crawford

Herb Cain - Barry Pederson - Todd Bertuzzi
Stephane Richer - Scott Gomez - Tony Amonte
Jay Pandolfo - Cully Dahlstrom - Doug Brown
Tony McKegney - Mike Richards(A) - Nikolai Drozdetsky
Extras - Johan Frazen, Darren McCarty

Glen Wesley(C) - Robert Svehla
Dick Redmond - Jeff Beukeboom(A)
Dave Lewis - Ed Jovanovski
Extra - Doug Young

Olaf Kolzig
Felix Potvin

PP 1: Cain-Pederson-Bertuzzi-Redmond-Richer
PP 2: McKegney-Gomez-Amonte-Wesley-Jovanovski

PK 1: Pandolfo-Dahlstrom-Lewis-Beukeboom
PK 2: Brown-Richards-Wesley-Svehla
PK 3: McKegney-Amonte-Lewis-Beukeboom

Result: 6th of 7 teams in the division, out in the first round.

-I was on vacation for half of this MLD and really didn't put in much research.
-First line is actually pretty good by MLD standards.
-Defense is good and well balanced.
-The less said about the 2nd-4th lines the better. The 2nd line is a candidate for softest line ever in one of these things and the 3rd and 4th lines are just jumbles of players.
-Kolzig is an average MLD starter, but there was absolutely no reason to draft him in the first round.

ATD12: New Jersey Swamp Devils

Coach:"Badger" Bob Johnson

Paul Kariya - Joe Malone (A) - Jarome Iginla
Markus Naslund - Aleksandr Maltsev - Ken Hodge, Sr.
Herbie Lewis - Ken Mosdell - Shane Doan
Ryan Walter - Clint Smith - John "Pie" McKenzie
Mel Bridgman - Vladimir Vikulov

Serge Savard (C) - Bobby Orr
Bob Goldham - Art Ross (A)
Viktor Kuzkin (A) - George McNamara
Robyn Regehr

Ed Belfour
Gerry McNeil

Powerplay 1: Paul Kariya - Joe Malone - Jarome Iginla - Aleksandr Maltsev - Bobby Orr
Powerplay 2: Markus Naslund - Clint Smith - John McKenzie - Viktor Kuzkin - Art Ross
Penalty Kill 1: Ken Mosdell - Herbie Lewis - Serge Savard - Bobby Orr
Penalty Kill 2: Ryan Walter - Shane Doan - Bob Goldham - George McNamara

F: Sergei Brylin, Scott Gomez, Tony Amonte
D: Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, Jason Smith
G: Kirk McLean

Result: 2nd of 8 in the division, won the division in the playoffs. Lost to Hedberg's Tidewater Sharks in the Conference Finals.

-I did a hell of a lot better than MLD11 and also put in a lot more effort.
-After being traumatized by how soft my 2nd line in MLD11 was, I made sure to have a physical guy on every line and every defense pair.
-I surprised a lot of GMs by drafting Savard after already having Orr, but I think having "the best defensive pair in ATD history" was a huge asset in my first foray into this for real.
-The defense as a whole is awesome. In ATD2010, Kuzkin and McNamara, and Ross all went a lot higher than I drafted them.
-I got tremendous value on Kariya and Naslund
-First line lacks a natural playmaker, but I thought Orr could handle the job.
-Biggest weakness is lack of defensive ability from my forwards. It forced me to give Shane Doan more minutes than he really deserves. My biggest mistake was drafting Pie McKenzie for the Boston connection before drafting a RW who could play defensively.
-I really didn't put much thought into the callups, redrafting both Gomez and Amonte from my MLD team.
-I still think I should have beaten Hedberg.

ATD2010: New Jersey Swamp Devils

Busher Jackson - Sid Abel(C) - Gordie Howe*
Keith Tkachuk - Denis Savard - Vladimir Martinec
Don Marshall - Pit Lepine - Dirk Graham(A)
Jiri Holik - Murray Oliver - Wilf Paiement*
Extra: Ray Getliffe

Börje Salming - Rob Blake
Babe Siebert(A) - Ted Green
Brian Engblom - Albert Leduc
Extras: Yuri Liapkin*, Marty McSorley

Charlie Gardiner
Charlie Hodge

PP1: Busher Jackson - Sid Abel - Gordie Howe - Börje Salming - Rob Blake
PP2: Keith Tkachuk - Denis Savard - Vladimir Martinec - Babe Siebert - Albert Leduc*

PK1: Pit Lepine - Don Marshall - Babe Siebert - Ted Green
PK2: Sid Abel - Gordie Howe - Börje Salming - Rob Blake
PK3: Murray Oliver - Dirk Graham - Babe Siebert - Ted Green

Result: 2nd of 7 in the "Best ATD Division Ever," Milt Dunnell Cup Champion

-First Bobby Orr, then Gordie Howe? I've proven I can make great teams with Top 4 picks. We'll see what I can do in ATD2011 without one.
-I'm really proud of the fact that I constructed this team without drafting a single player from my ATD 12 team (though I considered drafting Belfour and would have drafted Mosdell if arrbez didn't snag him first).
-I love my first line and defense.
-Biggest weakness is a lack of defense from my second line - a trend carried over from my previous team (though I don't have any liabilities like Naslund this time).
-Average goaltending like my first ATD team. I really think there's a big drop in goaltending quality after the Gardiner/Belfour/etc tier, and both times I tried to snag a guy near the end of that tier.
-I got tremendous value in selecting Rob Blake in the 160s, Martinec in the 270s and Jiri Holik late in the 400s. There's definitely an aspect of luck in the ATD, but you need to realize when a guy is falling and snag him even if it totally changes your plans (the pick I used to get Martinec was supposed to be to start my checking line).
-My strategy from the beginning was to have clear strengths and no real weaknesses. My strengths ended up being the dominating 1st line and the physical nastiness of my defensemen. I don't think any part of my team could be called worse than average. Even the 2nd line which had no real defensive ability had no real liabilities either.

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