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05-21-2010, 10:15 PM
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Level of Jr. C Hockey?

I'm talking about Jr. C in Ontario.

I recently contacted the GM of a local Jr. C hockey team, asking about what level of hockey guys played before playing for the team, to get a general idea of where I would need to be to play Jr. C.

Anyways, I told him I'm an average "A" player, as in A, AA, AAA, etc. and he responded with some info about some guys from some leagues that I never heard of...

Here is the response basically:

We have guys that have played in A and BB centers all their lives playing
for us. We have AAA and AA players as well. It seems every year our team is
made up of players that have all played different levels, not just AAA.
I've seen guys play at the Jr. A level right out of Hub, A and BB centers.

I don't want to ask him what he's talking about, because that would look bad for me

So what exactly is "Hub"? I tried googling it and only came up with some league in Hamilton, and not much other info.
Is the "A center" that he speaks of the same "A" level hockey I'm playing?
And the "BB", I thought only girls had "BB"? So I really have absolutely no idea what that is.

Maybe this is a dumb question, but it's only been a few months since I joined all these boards and actually started learning about hockey and the various leagues, so I'm not sure what these are all about.

So if anybody could shed some light on these, perhaps tell me how good of hockey it is, etc. Then that would be great.

Also for guys that play Jr. A/B/C if you know what minor midget/midget hockey you played prior to joining those clubs that would be great as well, since I can't really find out anywhere :S

(I'm thinking:
Jr. A = Top AAA guys who want college
Jr. B = AAA guys, top AA guys
Jr. C = Whoever wants to keep playing, AA guys & A guys.)


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