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05-21-2010, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Harv View Post
Some tips from a goalie:

Get IN FRONT of the goalie, not off the side. This means the front of your body towards the play. Theres a fine line of where to stand. If your too far in, the goalie can get poke his head around you. If your too far out, your not going to be effective.

If your going to be in a range of where the goalie can touch you, most of them are. I'm talking nasty stuff too. My 2 favs are the blade of my stick on the runner of your skate, and a quick jab to the ''region''. Remember, the refs and fans are looking at the puck, not in front of the net.

(Before anyone jumps on me, I don't do those 'things' in adult league/rec league play. Only in college games.)
You wingnuts are all the same!!!

I mentioned that stuff above, I know you guys like a book!

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