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05-22-2010, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by ozzie View Post
I've always assumed from a European's view that the tournament is fine as it is and they are extremely happy with it. It is designed for the European hockey leagues.

The Tournament will never be important to most North Americans hockey fans and even if the NHL finished earlier players still would refuse to go. However you would like to think players might accept the offer more.

I still think the probleam is the NHL and not this tournament. The NHL can cut two weeks off exhibition/pre season and it might make some difference.

The problem is not the tournmant but the players. Russia has a great team because it is important to them. This is somewhat true for most European hockey nations. But the fault is with Canadian and American players who just don't care as much.

Hockey Canada could help itself out by placing requirements for players to attended at least one of these tournaments or at least give a player the inside track for the Olympics.

I personally enjoy the World Championships.
Again, why call out Canada? Do we not send competent teams that on paper at least is usually tops in the tournament? This team was a dud, but in the five years before that we've finished 2-4-1-2-2. Sure we don't send the best team possible, but we certainly send good teams.

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