Thread: Speculation: Penguins Should Move Malkin
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05-22-2010, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
i know its fine that i dont like him and i'm not about to start debating his regular season number again.
playoff megastars consistantly put up numbers year after year and dont take a series or a year off, malkin does both. does a playoff megastar disappear in the stanley cup finals and then talk about how tired he is... no. does a playoff megastar play bad against montreal this year? no. you make it sound really nice when you say 73 points in 62 games but like i asked before outside of the year he won the conn smyth (which i have said he played great) what about all the other years make him a megastar. 37 points in 38 games is good and thats it. megastars do it every year, not just 1. and unlike you and chosen when i look at a players playoff career i dont judge them based off of 1 year.
and if all he ever did the rest of his career was play just a little bit above average in the playoffs, would you still think he is a playoff megastar because of 1 year?
as to your point to malkin doing this all at the age of 24, brad richards won the conn smyth when he was 24, is he a playoff megastar? age has nothing to do with it. playoff megastar should be a term used when talking about someones playoff career. if you want to say malkin was a megastar in 09, that works.

Name players that put up mega-numbers every year in the playoffs.

Just spouting opinions without providing backup is garbage.

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