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05-22-2010, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by CBJSprague24 View Post
I still want Gare back. Then you move Bill Davidge back to the radio & all's right in the world again (and I won't errantly say "George & Bill" when talking about the radio anymore like I was used to).

Bring Gare back, throw Hitch in. Epic drinking game.
I miss Gare as well. Was he one of the better color guys in the league? Clearly not but at least he could be entertaining from time to time. I kind of liked the odd 'Ka-boom!' and 'Toot Toot Tyutin!'. I also didn't mind his one-on-one segments with the players.

I'm sure Davidge is a great guy and he seemed to do well with George, but I didn't feel he ever brought anything either entertaining or insightful to his role last year. It was the same lines over and over:

1: That's as good as it gets...
2: A goal-scorer's goal...
3: You're exactly right...
4: He took away his time and space...
5: Something about Rimmer being cheap

If I thought for another 5 minutes I'm sure I could come up with another 5 and variations of those 10 lines make up 80% of his commentary. I dread another year of listening to this.

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