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Originally Posted by Shake the Nation View Post
I would suggest you to be less modest (although a feature to be praised for). I don't know McKenzie personally, nor do I know how much he knows about "prospects" (besides a top 10 list on TSN and a good track record based on first round mock lists, which can and should be applauded). What I do know is I feel I know more about this draft and its players than reading or hearing about "the top 10".

I hope you will continue to do this annually (if this is an annual contribution), as this is without doubt the most informative and what appears to be the most level headed contribution with regards to introducing new prospects heading into the draft 2010.

I don't have time or money (or will) to get to know the next batch of stars. I feel I just did. Many thanks and I hope you take more of your time to spread your knowledge here.
Agreed. Hiishawk did a great job. Ranges or Tiers are a good way to analyze NHL draft, as many scouts have players around the same area of talent, but make decisions based on preferences or needs.

As far as Mackenzie goes. TSN should release their draft preview soon. Usually, it includes a Top 60 with about 25 Honourable Mentions. Each player has a decent profile with some quotes from Scouts/Scouting Directors at ISS, Central Scouting or Coaches they have played for. Mackenzie's contribution is the order or relative range that the players will go in. Last year, he got 27 out of the 30 first round picks.

In my opinion, it's a great introduction for the casual fan.

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