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05-22-2010, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Just because those guys you mentioned are in the pipeline does not mean they're ready for full time duty. As big a supporter as I've been of Klein I do not see him ready to step into the #3 spot next year. Hamhuis pulls a lot of minutes for us and hardly misses time due to injury. That is something that is often overlooked in his game, the fact that he's in the lineup on a nightly basis.

Bouillon was a great pick up for us last year but I doubt we are able to pick up a vet like that, at a lower price, that will perform the way the Cube did for us. So that's two spots that are already weaker on our blue line.

Franson, while playing a pretty simple and solid game last year, is he ready to step up and play more minutes? Is Sulzer ready to play at this level and stay healthy? Same could be asked about Laakso.

I am fine with Blum being on the blue line but questions still need to be answered about him as well.

So if you're ready to go into next season with Weber/Suter as the only real players we have on the blue line I think we're in for a long season. All the other guys you mentioned are a few years away from being main contributors on the blue line. I just don't see how letting Hamhuis walk makes us a better team.
well duh.. of course letting Hamhuis walk doesnt make us a better team...

but the only way I see to keep him is to plan on letting Weber or Suter go and that would make us a much MUCH worse team.

You may be right that the guys in the pipeline arent ready to move up and fill in the higher slots, but the preds are built on EXACTLY that principle, so they will almost certainly be given the shot.... just like Hamhuis, Zidlicky, Suter, Weber and so on were... nobody was SURE they were ready, but they all stepped up when given the chance and we have to hope Klein and Franson will do so as well... if they dont Poile will have to find a vet at the last minute, and there are plenty of serviceable guys around. Is this an ideal scenario? Of course not.. but its likey the best we can do.

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