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05-22-2010, 07:16 PM
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It's JUST 2 million. The concept of money is always skewered when you are spending other people's money. We think, 'Oh, you are a millionaire, you got the cash to spend.' We forget there is a matter of effort attached to that and we forget more it's SOMEONE else's effort not ours. When you strive and push for that extra buck you realize how much time and possibly pain is involved in trying to make that buck. Asking the Predators ownership for an extra 2 million is a reasonable thing. The Preds can operate at the edge of the mid-level exception and keep the team MOSTLY whole, BUT getting the cash is another thing. It's not easy to make a million dollars. If it was we'd ALL would have it to spend, unicorns would crap gold cougarands all over the place, and every one could bench press 280 with one hand and look like the movie star of their choice.

There is a huge negative with the team losing money. I have called the Nashville Predators the most fun non-profit organization there is. Preds fans should get tax deductions for buying season tickets. Losing money leads to tension from the media (Tennessean), the government (Sports counsel), and non Predator hockey fans (Yeah we know who you are). Do you really want to give these groups the ammo they need to give us more off-season trouble.

Nashville pushed Chicago to the limit and if the team was healthy, they would have won the series. Would one star fix this? Maybe. Problem is that the stars who need to upgrade are unmovable because of NTCs. Arnott has not been healthy and frankly, because of his age and injury history I don't think the Preds could move him even with a NTC waiver. Dumont has been slipping down the depth chart and would be the most likely to move. Problem is that Dumont loves the area and per THN, over a 5 year span, Dumont has been the best player on the Preds based on points and goals. Unless there is a way to find a landing sot for either player which they would be agreeable to, they aint moving. Some comment trades for Arnott to NJ and Dumont to Buffalo because of their past histories with these teams but to be honest, these seem more like fairy tales.

Right now the Preds have $41,050,000 with Spaling and Blum in Milwaukee and the team needing to sign 2 forwards and 2 defensemen and 1 backup. If David Poile were to get a budget of 48 million he would have 7 million to play with to sign Boyd, Hornqvist, Franson, Grebs, and Backup to be named later. There is a lot of back up goalies with some quality and because of the high numbers the salaries should be down. Preds should be able to get a good back up for 750,000. If Pekka can play like he has before they need someone who can soak up 30 games in a year on a one year contract. Note, Dan Ellis was a schmoe the Preds picked up from the AHL. With the depth in the goalie pipeline and the coaching, I think they could find a player and coach them up. Players to consider Mark Dekanich, Chet Pickard.

Even with an increase of salary the team will still have to make a trade to make it work. The biggest key to the season is how can the Preds trade either Arnott or Dumont?

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