Thread: Speculation: Are the stars aligning?
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05-22-2010, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CorpseLW View Post
You're going to need two big injuries in Chicago to win the Cup.

Destined for runner-up if not a miracle.
All mystic signs aside, neither you nor I have any ideal what the next couple weeks will bring. If the Flyers win out of the East, they have the chance to compete for the Cup... providing the games are allowed to be played. How the two teams play and how they are coached is just as important to the mix as injuries or lack thereof. If one team or the other plays above their abilities OR below their abilities, they may have an edge.

That said, the teams still in it have not had the experience as a unit to compete for the Cup in a Finals. And the Hawks or Flyers still may not even make it that far,,, but if they do, I would have to say that the Flyers coming back from being 3 goals down and 3 games down has to factor into their confidence and play. They may have become a close knit team than one who sailed through, even as underdogs.

Your trollish post may not have deserved such a serious and detailed response, an 'Oh yeah, says who?" one would might have sufficed... But my team deserved a logical response.

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