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05-22-2010, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Yet we can afford to keep overpaid vets?

Dumont is a very affordable contract for someone to take on. $4 million a season for two years for a guy that will put up 60 points a season is a good deal. I'm sure a guy like Crosby wouldn't mind having a winger like Dumont to play with instead of Pascal Dupuis.

I think if a team is going for it, a guy like Arnott or Dumont would be a welcomed addition to a team looking for some extra punch and a veteran punch. We see their flaws because they are our players but other teams will not see it as much as we do. Both guys are still respected players in this league so to move them to another team I don't believe is as hard as it is being made out to be.

I would rather try and move Arnott and Dumont and not be successful at it then not trying at all. If it means keeping them or Hamhuis, I'd rather keep Hamhuis at this point. That's just me. I think it's a big mistake if we let Hamhuis walk but there may not be a lot we can do about it.
I guess I just don't see this clear cut choice. We have to afford them cause we have NTC or NMC. It's not as if we have the choice between paying them or signing someone else. They are here and their contracts are our reality.

Arnott has a concussion history. Dumont has been "gun shy" since those big hits on him. He's 34, I think, with 2 years left. I just think for Dumont's $$, most teams would choose a younger cheaper option for a 2 year contract.

Again, I don't see it as a choice--- we kept Hamhuis or those 2. I just can't get around the reality.
I'd like to keep Hamhuis, I just don't see this as something we can do, either one or the other.

It'll be interesting.

edit: dumont is only 32......I was wrong about that.

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