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05-22-2010, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
oh so now you have to be active to be a playoff megastar. by the way jagr and forsberg are still active. malkin isn't even the best playoff performer on his own team. so just because i named guys that have built megastarish stats over their career you twist what i say into malkin is the best current playoff performer. all of your posts on this topic you have either made **** up about what i have said or twisted it so that it somehow proves your point. you are a ****ing joke. my opinion of malkin aside which is neither right or wrong, what your doing is stupid.

claude lemieux is a playoff megastar buddy. when a guy with his talent level is in the top 25 career playoff points you are more than just a nice player. and not to mention a guy of his talent level won a conn smyth put a check mark next to that on your playoff megastar criteria sheet.

i'm done talking to you dude you still havent answered my original question. for the 5th time what makes malkin a playoff megastar outside of 09? id rather get shot in the chest with diarehia than read another one of your posts that either doesn't answer my question or constantly changes the subject. i know its ok that i dont like him its also ok that you overrate players. dont bother writing another post to me unless it answers the question..... or you find proof of me saying malkin is not a great player. yea didn't forget about that chosen, still waiting.

do you actually believe what you are saying?

Claude Lemieux?top playoff star, 25 in playoff points.superb.let Malkin play as long as he does and watch him leave Lemieuxs point total in the dust.

Malkin is a terrific player.a great playoff performer.not everyone puts up 36 points during a Stanley Cup run.

2006-2007 5 games played 4 points

2007-2008 20 games played 22 points

2008-2009 24 games played 36 points

2009-2010 13 games played 11 points

so,when did he disappear?

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