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Originally Posted by The ORB View Post
She is the only member of my immediate family that wear them yes. She has a slightly non typical foot shape and also spends more time in hockey skates every week than the rest of us put together. My other daughter and I are both in RBKs and my wife wears Bauers, since they fit us fine. As I have said before I know many other people of all ages, shapes and abilities that also wear Grafs and plenty more people that don't. Not sure I get your point. Actually the first guy to recommend Grafs to me was my daughters power skating coach a couple of years ago. He has coached professionally for 15-20 years and has taught hundreds of great hockey players to skate (including Cody Hodgson, Steve Stamkos, Mike Del Zotto etc etc etc). He must weigh about 250lbs and skates like an NHLer. Does his opinion count? He told me they are a great skater's skate and that for his foot type he would wear nothing else. He also suggested their wide array of fitting options would probably help my daughter who at the time was having a tough time in her Bauers.

You state that "kids very rarely use a piece of gear to it's full potential and really can't be used as good gauge to an items quality and performance for that matter". So the quality of a junior skate is irrelevant, since its just for kids? Interesting viewpoint. I only wish kids hockey gear lasted as long as you seem to think it does.
The tally of destroyed equipment from her this year has been less than prior years, but still stands at one pair of Bauer Vapor pants (lasted less than 4 months and fell apart ), one VaporXXXX stick (lasted about 6 months and snapped above the blade), one VaporI backup/practice stick (blade splintered at the heel after 2 months). So far the rest of her gear is holding up but then it was all new last summer/fall.

You then state (and this is the my favorite), "I don't think they do or make anything I can't find in another brand". As JSykes has already spelled out to you, that is simply not true. Graf make skates that fit differently to all the other brands. Are you trying to deny that now also. First there was the "crap quality" argument, then the "too heavy, not high-tech enough" argument now are you honestly denying that they make some skates that fit differently to the other brands? Seriously?!

Good for you. You stick with whatever works for you hotshot. Hope that leading edge technology carries you all the way to the pros. Meanwhile you would do well to accept that those options are not always best for everyone. If all you want to do is spew endless Graf hatred, save us all the bother of polluting this thread with it. We get it, you and the young guy from Tampa really hate Graf.

Wouldn't 3 or 4 players be roughly 1 in 4 on most teams?

Around here the Graf wearing % of rep players and adult rec players varies but I would maybe hazard a guess at 15-20% Graf wearers. Some teams it seems to be higher, some lower. Again it probably has a lot to do with their particular foot types.
Dude, get off your high horse and practice what you preach.

You've accused others as being Bauer fanboys while acting like a poster boy for Graf....a skate you yourself have never worn.

And you are wrong about fitting differently then any other brand. The Graf fit is not different, they just offer more variations in fit so Graf the brand is able to fit a wider range of foot types. And you're wrong about me hating Graf, I don't hate any brand.

The only reason I am carrying on with you is because you're misinforming people who come looking for honest advice.

Any sales guy worth their salt will be able to tell you all the positives of any product. You'll be hard pressed to get a sales guy to tell you the quality isn't what it should be or that it's heavier then everything else on the wall or that you'll need to sharpen them twice as much as something else. His job is to sell you a product, not talk you out of it. That's why coming here and asking for real honest opinions is for. If I'm looking to make a major purchase, I want to hear all the bad. It's called being an educated consumer.

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