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05-23-2010, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
How unfortunate. A point by point rant in reply to this post disappeared.

Instead of re-writing it all again, I'll just say that,

1: The post above is an enormous load of crap.

2: I imagine you will grant me and everyone else that Mark Messier was one of the proverbial playoff superstars and richly deserves that moniker. Please do try and compare what he had done at Geno's age (which in his case includes 6 playoff runs), and see if you find it more impressive. Be good and remember that there was also a certain guy on that team who had 50 percent more points than Messier while playing less games, another guy scoring more in Jari Kurri and two more players in hot pursuit of Messier's totals in Anderson and Coffey.

3: Then remember that only Crosby and Zetterberg have more playoff points than Malkin over these past four years. Both of them with 7 more points, Crosby having had better linemates every year, and Zetterberg having played 15 more games.

4: If this season, a down-season for sure, is Malkin taking a year off after playing more hockey in the two preceding seasons than any other NHL skater, we're pretty blessed. Considering that he got 77 points in 67 games having Ruslan Fedotenko plus Dupuis/Talbot/AHL call-ups on his line throughout. That is 5 on 5 support that would make your own Gaborik scream.
im specifically talking about playoffs when i say take a year off. just about all of malkins success in the playoffs comes back to 09 when he played great. outside of 09 he is a ghost. is 2 points in the 08 finals great? is it good? or is it bad? now keep in mind that he is a superstar. take out 09 and you can see the guy has just been good in the playoffs thats all.

and now someone is comparing malkin to messier. instead of doing that i'll ask you the question too, outside of 09 what makes malkin a playoff megastar? everyone so far just like you picks their spots to debate about. i suppose your next post if you make one will be something like 73 in 62 you hate the guy. i have said time and time again that malkin could be a future playoff megastar just like messier and in the end he may even have better playoff stats than messier. thats when i will say he is a playoff megastar not because he had 1 great year sandwhiched in between disappearing acts. and what are you trying to do discredit messier by saying he played on a great team? malkin plays with the best player in the game on pitts powerplay and in 08 they had marian hossa. if your going to attribute messiers success to those around him you could do the same for malkin.

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