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05-23-2010, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Nanabijou View Post
I miss Gare as well. Was he one of the better color guys in the league? Clearly not but at least he could be entertaining from time to time. I kind of liked the odd 'Ka-boom!' and 'Toot Toot Tyutin!'. I also didn't mind his one-on-one segments with the players.

I'm sure Davidge is a great guy and he seemed to do well with George, but I didn't feel he ever brought anything either entertaining or insightful to his role last year. It was the same lines over and over:

1: That's as good as it gets...
2: A goal-scorer's goal...
3: You're exactly right...
4: He took away his time and space...
5: Something about Rimmer being cheap

If I thought for another 5 minutes I'm sure I could come up with another 5 and variations of those 10 lines make up 80% of his commentary. I dread another year of listening to this.
I like the enthusiasm that Bill brings, and his ability to string together two coherent sentences in a row (unlike his predecessor)

Originally Posted by Happy Pony View Post
Davidge was good on the radio because George did most of the talking.

There's two possible reasons I can see that Rimer still has a job:

1. The CBJ want puppets to tell viewers that the sun is always shining inside Nationwide Arena and Rimer is happy to play the part for a paycheck.

2. The CBJ are trying to drive up season ticket sales by making the TV broadcast so bad that people will pay a few grand a year just so they don't have to listen to Rimer.
I agree with your analysis. The Blue Jackets are so flush with cash that they can keep Rimer even though all the fans hate him, he doesn't run down the team on the air, and he's obviously losing money for both the CBJ (his employer) and FOX. He should be thrilled that he's working for a charitable organization instead of smart business people.

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