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Originally Posted by Finnswiss View Post
Sorry but how should this work? A team that loses all 3 games in the preliminary round finishes it as 4th in his group, so it can't proceed to the 2nd round as only the best 3 make the qualifying round.

And in the qualifying round are played only 4 games because the teams which played in the preliminiary round against each don't play again against each other in the qualifying round.
Losing all games on overtime/shootout.

Germany vs USA, Finland vs Denmark, Finland vs Germany, Denmark vs USA as it happened

Then if in the final games, Denmark had beaten Germany in regulation, Finland beaten USA in OT, the standings would have been:

Denmark 8 (5)
Finland 5 (2)
USA 3 (2)
Germany 2

In 1998 Switzerland made it to semifinals with only two wins. System was little different but it was like this.

Preliminary group contained Sweden, Switzerland, USA, France. Sweden beat all, Switzerland beat France, France beat USA and USA beat Switzerland. Swiss had best record of the three and was second in the group. The two best were arranged in new groups of four where Switzerland had Czech Republic, Russia and Slovakia as its opponents.

Czech Republic beat Switzerland and Slovakia, draw with Russia. Switzerland beat Russia and draw Slovakia. Russia beat Slovakia, so they ended

Czech Republic 5
Switzerland 3
Russia 3
Slovakia 1

Switzerland ranked 2nd because of head-to-head. Into the semis where Sweden beat them and then they lost to Czechs in bronze medal game as well.

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