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05-23-2010, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
and now someone is comparing malkin to messier. instead of doing that i'll ask you the question too, outside of 09 what makes malkin a playoff megastar?
The fact that besides his huge year, including one first round exit as a rookie and a second round exit in what was for him a down year, he has 37 playoff points in 38 games - ie. pretty much a point per game pace without counting a Conn Smythe year that puts him in historic territory. Very few players will do better than PPG in any case, and especially few will if choose not to count their best seasons. Why you'd even ponder not counting a season in which he was responsible for the Pens actually winning it all.... that I'll never understand.

Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
malkin plays with the best player in the game on pitts powerplay and in 08 they had marian hossa.
Pens PP hasn't been better than OK in any playoff year with Sid/Malkin, and now that you mention Hossa, lets not forget that he was on Sid's line for just one of these seasons, and he wasn't there when we won the cup. Last year he was instead running around with Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidström, Franzen and Rafalski on the Detroit PP.

Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
is 2 points in the 08 finals great? is it good? or is it bad?
He had three points. One goal, two assists in six games. Playing hurt. Nothing special, but then again we got creamed, by a much better team. It has happened to other superstars in the past too, you know. Even Gretzky didn't score a goal when the Oilers got swept by the Islanders in his first trip to the finals.
Three points btw. is an identical total with what Crosby managed last year in 7 games. Crosby had 6 points in 08 with Hossa and Dupuis on his line. Malkin had 8 points last season with Feds and Talbot. So... in two Stanley Cup final series against Detroit, Crosby has 9 points, 3 goals. Malkin has 11 points, 3 goals. What is your point - or is Crosby's playoff pedigree overrated too?

Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
if your going to attribute messiers success to those around him you could do the same for malkin.
Yeah - because the Edmonton Oilers Dynasty in the days with no cap and out-there scoring really bears a hell of a resemblance to the Pittsburgh Penguins of the past couple of years!
In our cup year, we had four players who hit 20+ goals in the regular season with Sid and Malkin being the only ones to top 30. One of those 4 (Sykora) got scratched for almost the entire playoffs, and we had no one who scored 40, but of course you can count Kunitz/Guerin (Crosby's linemates) who arrived after the deadline and both just clipped 20.

Anyway, the year before Edmonton won their first cup - they had this: and the years after they had about as many guys getting 100+ points as we've had 20 goal scorers in Malkin's time with the Pens!

...yet you want to credit Malkin's success to Crosby who isn't even on his line, or maybe linemates like Fedotenko and Talbot with career highs of 41 points and 26 points respectively. BWAHAHAHAHA!

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