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Originally Posted by icing View Post
What about Romania? Slovenia?
What about them? Not joking either... in which way are they being treated unfairly here?

Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
"Unfortunately" probably because of this, Finnish hockey federation boss (also high up in IIHF rankings) Kalervo Kummola believes that there will World Championships held in 2014 and 2018.
I don't really get the problem. Weaker teams that take advantage of reduced depth among top teams (whose best players tend to be on teams that make the NHL playoffs and are unavailable for the start of the WC, or not willing to play afterwards due to fatigue) are afraid of losing promotion rights if full strength teams in the Olympics push them back down? Work out something about WC results/promotions/relegations carrying over to the next WC separate from Olympic results. Even if that specifically doesn't solve the "problem", it hardly seems like an impossible nut to crack.

But, perhaps if the Olympics "erases" any promotion a team "earned" in the WC, they didn't really deserve it in the first place (and vice versa with relegated teams that might earn promotion at the Olympics, or whatever). In any case, the WC is definitely still a good ranking tool as it gives you an idea of the strength of depth on teams in the absence of some of the absolute top talents each team has to offer.

For example, Russia probably still deserves to be ranked above the Czechs, but this year's WC suggests that the gap between them isn't that great once you get into the roster depth.

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