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05-23-2010, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by tinyzombies View Post
It's no coincidence that the Hawks are loaded with Canucks and that Hossa is playing like a turd again and has been on three Cup losers in a row and the perennial suckage Ottawa Senators.
LOL. Yes, actually, it is a coincidence. Thank you for playing.

Originally Posted by tinyzombies View Post
It's no coincidence that we're getting bullied off the puck on nearly every shift against a team chock full of Canadians who happen to play in Philadelphia for some reason and not Montreal
Physicality has nothing to do with why the Habs are losing this series.

By the way, the Habs' bottom six is entirely Canadian too. As is their top scorer. 2/3rds of their top six are North American. Half their defense, with Markov out -- more if you count Bergeron or O'Byrne.

Well, would you look at this... doesn't leave much room for Euros, does it? Turns out, Montreal is actually a very North American team. Spacek and Hamrlik and Halak may be the only Europeans "worth a damn"... because they're almost the only Euros on the team. All that's left is Plekanec (who is worth a damn) and AKost as Europeans who are actually playing right now. So... yeah. It must be all the wussy Euros.

Originally Posted by tinyzombies View Post
Koivu might not put up 70 points, but you can be sure he'll show up when it counts in the playoffs. The reason I want Koivu is because it opens cap space for Kovalchuk. That would pick up the slack and then some. We'd have to dump Price and get a vet though.
You realize that Kovalchuk and Koivu are both worthless, filthy Europeans, right? Just checking.

You make no sense and your Don Cherry prejudices will not help a hockey team win; maybe that's why your moves contradict your aim so much. What's forgotten with all the cool narratives and praising of blue-collar work ethic and all those comfortable myths we like to surround hockey with is the very basic truth: skill wins Cups. Skill is the one constant across all Cup winners.

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