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05-23-2010, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
LOL. Yes, actually, it is a coincidence. Thank you for playing.

Physicality has nothing to do with why the Habs are losing this series.

By the way, the Habs' bottom six is entirely Canadian too. As is their top scorer. 2/3rds of their top six are North American. Half their defense, with Markov out -- more if you count Bergeron.

Montreal is actually a very North American team. Spacek and Hamrlik and Halak may be the only Europeans worth a damn... because they're pretty much the only Euros on the team. All that's left is Plekanec (who is worth a damn) and AKost as Europeans who are actually playing right now. So... yeah. It must be all the wussy Euros.

You realize that Kovalchuk and Koivu are both worthless, filthy Europeans, right? Just checking.

You make no sense and your Don Cherry prejudices will not help a hockey team win; maybe that's why your moves contradict your aim so much. What's forgotten with all the cool narratives and praising of blue-collar work ethic and all those comfortable myths we like to surround hockey with is the very basic truth: skill wins Cups. Skill is the one constant across all Cup winners.
We can't win the puck anywhere except for the bottom 6 (which I already gave props to and you ignored). But they have no hands.

Koivu is from Finland and Kovalchuk is Russian and is 230 lbs. Fins and Russians can play with an edge. That's also a truism.

It's a cultural thing. These guys grew up playing on big ice. That game doesn't translate to the NHL playoffs.

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