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05-23-2010, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
Sykora? Has a couple of Stanley Cups and a bunch of finals appearances at least. Our own Zednik was pretty clutch when before he was martiryzed by that Bruins goon. What about perhaps the most obvious one, Jagr? Also you do realize that Swedes, Finns and Russians represent most of the Euro players right?
It depends on the player, I agree. But we have a ton of heart and I give Spacek TONS of credit. He was awesome in Buffalo and during Edmonton's run too. Hammer decided to put it on the line and was awesome most of this year and after game 5 against Pittsburgh.

And Jagr took a beating every night.

These guys are machines and they obviously love what they are doing. Anyone who ever played hockey would love to be in their place. I'm not trying to disparage anyone in the NHL. Ever. Or the AHL. Or any pro league.

What I'm saying is, it takes just that fraction extra.

But size beats heart sometimes. Everything is interconnected. If we play puck possession, Mikael Samuelsson might help you out. If you want to play run and gun, you better have had three straight #1 draft picks. If you want to play tough hockey, you better have Timmons, or someone who can pick out a PK Subban late (right Timmons?). But the style of hockey we want to win with takes balance. And we don't have the right mix of size/grit. Kosty was supposed to be the answer and he isn't. Is he just young? Is this his lesson? Cuz, doesn't look like he's learned it.

A guy I'm always rooting for is Max Lapierre. If he could ever get the hands and discipline to get into our top 6, we'd win a Cup. If I were him, I'd sit at home and do roids and stickhandle 10 hours a day.

(PS: Kosty and Pleks, if you are reading's not too late. Bring the heart boys and you will be heros forever. Not kidding. Montreal doesn't forget.)

People talk trash about Gomez and give all the credit to Gionta. But why does Gionta succeed?? He is undoubtedly a lion, but so is Gomez (when he stays out of the box). And what if Pouliot was Iginla. Who could stop THAT line? And Pouliot has immense talent, he just needs a couple seasons under his belt. But he could pop a big goal any second he's out there if he keeps working to the right spots. Gomez is vastly underrated imo, just because of the money. He doesn't get the credit he deserves. Look where we are people! We're in the conference finals. And we're still alive!

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