Thread: Speculation: Penguins Should Move Malkin
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05-24-2010, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
i'm not crazy about him as far as a superstar goes. hes not in the same league as ovechkin and crosby. and some of his stats are padded because there are plenty of times he plays with crosby. he played this entire year hurt... great so did just about every other player in the league. sean avery finished a playoff game with a busted spleen (in the 1st period). why dont you like him? malkin disappears for good stretches whether its regular season or playoffs. i happen to think that he played bad vs the canadiens. he won the conn smyth last year, i give him credit for that but how about the year before when he disappeared in the finals and said he was tired. not the kind of attitude anybody should have in the playoffs. tone down the megastar in the playoffs, hes not their yet even with his conn smyth. and i happen to think he is a piece of **** dirty player. so just because i am not crazy about malkin i cant like staal callahan and who ever else... at what time did you take it upon yourself to decide that for me. i will choose to like and dislike whoever i want.
This is what caused so many to not take you seriously. Just noticed that you think him to be dirty. All evidence points to you taking a stand based on your personal dislike that in no way resembles what an enormous talent and producer he has been.

It's also funny that you sing the praises of the insanely inconsistent Avery while accusing Malkin of disappearing. Sort of comical to most fans of the game.

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