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Originally Posted by Hiishawk View Post
Connolly- Even if in guaranteed full health I might hesitate with using a top 5 pick. I don't think there's been enough viewing of his development in the past year to make that leap. He was a top 5 as a 16 year old to be sure but so was MacFarland, and others in the past, who didn't develop as well during- or after- their draft years. That little question mark would make me hesitate on Connolly.
Thank you for making that point. Everyone (including the "experts") talks about whether Connolly's hip is healthy, but they don't talk about spending a top pick based on last year's spot on the development curve. He might end up being a great player, but teams are going to have to make a risk/reward decision where Connolly perhaps carries two risks (health and development) and where there are a lot of other great options out there. That could cause him to drop a bit.

BTW, to your point about Granlund and hockey sense, I think the Isles highly value hockey sense (they've said it, plus see Bailey, Tavares and De Haan). So, I could see them at least thinking about Granlund at #5. They also would probably like some size and speed though, so all that will have to be weighed.

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