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03-11-2005, 07:19 PM
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What's your price range? Other guys have mentioned the "2nd tier" companies like McKenney and Battram, who can sell their equipment cheaper because they don't have any NHL ties. My buddy bought a pair of Smith pads recently, which are supposed to be clones of the Vaughn Velocity pads. The Smith pads were 700 something, which is 300-400 cheaper than Vaughn after taxes.

If you're not sure goaltending will be a permanent position, I wouldn't invest too heavily in equipment. Most companies will have a "Senior" pad and a "Pro" pad. The Pro pads will have some more bells and whistles, but are usually twice the price.

I really liked the Heaton Z Senior pad which I think goes for $430-$470 depending on where you look. It has nice knee and calf rolls which provide extra padding. When I play outdoors, I wish my cheaper pads had these.......I hate banging my knee on the ground when I go into the butterfly.

I've only seen one site who was doing pre-sales on the new Reebok senior pads, and they has the MSRP at $300 which is pretty good unless they were wrong.

With arm/chest protector.....I'd just try to find a big store with every brand and just try it on. Have no shame about it either, my buddy spent 3-4 hours trying stuff on.......and the store should understand that you're about to make a pretty pricy investment. I don't think one particular brand has it right or wrong......each goalie's gonna have his own preference on how the equipment feels.

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