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09-30-2003, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by shakes
I understand what you are saying and this is why they play the games, but you have to admit.. perception here, there and everywhere is that 31 on the Leafs is old and can't contribute, but 31 on any other team is a seasoned veteran who still has a lot left.. this was the point I'm trying to make. People tend to bash the Leafs for the sake of bashing the Leafs regardless of fact.
True, People do tend to bash the Leafs simply because they're the Leafs. Regardless, I'd say that balance is the key issue here. The 31 year-old on a team well balanced in ages is much more likely to be a key contributor to his team than the same player playing on a team of veterans of the approx. same age. Younger guys are better suited for certain roles, and older guys are best at still other roles and for the most part, both groups tend to complement each other. IMO, most 31 year-olds simply can't fill in the more energetic and youthful roles over 80+ games. Equally true, IMO, you'd also have serious problems if your team was young, as younger players tend not to have gathered the experience and wisdom to go along with their talents.

BTW, I don't think Roberts is being counted on as much as people think.. if he contributes great.. if not well then too bad.. the Leafs scored at a pretty good pace last year missing Roberts for most of the season.
Perhaps you're right. Still, the Leafs were at best a weak contender for the S.C. last season. Unless they get wildly lucky this season,( like Carolina did two seasons ago) they are most likely to finish no better in either the regular season or the playoffs than they did last season. And that was in the middle of the East Conference standings, and a early first round exit, if I recall right.

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