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Originally Posted by Old Man Jags View Post
There has been a lot of talk about Endras and Ehrhoff being in the All Star Team as it was voted on by the press, and German journalists have by far the largest amounts of accreditations so no surprise at the outcome. Endras is justifyable - he was IMHO second best after Vokoun, and a bit of home team bias is OK. But Ehrhoff?? Please.
I agree that Ehrhoff's All Star Berth is probably a tribute to the host nation or as you say a result of a bigger amount of German Journalists.

Then again I had seats for the Preliminary Round close to the Press Box Seats and can say

Voting from the Journalists regardless of their Nationality is a friggin joke

Many of these Folks don't even watch the games, at least not the Games without participation of their Home Nation. You see these People running around all the Time while Games go on, talking to each other with their backs to the action etc

I even had a run-in with 2 German Journalists chatting happily on the balkony taking away the line of sight of many seats including mine while the Game was running.
I even missed a Goal during the USA-Finnland Game thanks to these 2 Assh...s.
My Comment: I'm here to watch the Game and not 2 People-not-doing-their-Job was answered with an arrogant: "You are German, what the hell do you care for a Game without Germany in it !"

So much for the Competence of many, but certainly not all Journalists voting for an All-Star Team !

And even if they care and watch all Games at hand, they still miss the action running simultaneously in the other Arena. This is also true for probably all of us here as well.

So what is my Point, Don't count too much into the Voting as it is Flawed and Probably much more than one of say an NHL All-Star Team.
So be happy to have All Star Teams that are not completely off.

btw ... If I had a vote for MVP

Peter Regin would have been my choice, as he was the Centerpiece of a very well organized Danish Team and did it all from PP QBack to PK Pest to Even Strength.
Then again the Danes probably did not go far enough to have one of their own considered MVP

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