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05-24-2010, 12:18 PM
Heat McManus
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Because of my schedule I only play noon drop-in for the most part. There's a good group of regulars and the occasional, inevitable stupid crap, but I've been at this place for 4 years and never really had a problem with anybody.

This one kid starts showing up. No idea what he's doing. Boards me. I turn around and shove him and he goes, "That's hockey!".....No, that's a PENALTY in hockey. Another time in warm-ups, he shoots a puck at me. I let it go.
Third time (might have even been one in between) he cross-checks me in the back of the neck. I turn around, shove him. Yell a bit. Then slash him and snap his stick. Figured it was safer than slashing his arm or neck.

Same kid also attacked HIS OWN teammate. Full on tackle. A few months back a guy I know lit him up with an open ice hit and he hasn't been back. Good riddance.

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