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Originally Posted by Rexor View Post
I don't know, awarding the MVP to someone whose team didn't even get a medal?
Assuming Philadelphia wins the series against Montreal, would it make sense to give the Conn Smythe to Halák eventually?
Not to mention that without Vokoun, Czechs would have big trouble making the quarter-finals. He was at least equally important to his team as Endras.
Not comparable at all. This is a short tournament, nine games maximum, the Stanley Cup playoffs are best of seven each round. The difference between losing in the World Championship semi-finals and losing in the Conference finals is enormous. Especially if you look how much in control the Flyers are right now, compared to the close games in the WCH semis. It took the Czechs a lucky break to even make the final, while one small mistake took Germany out of contention, it could easily have been the other way round. Flyers-Montreal, not so much.

Not to mention that the outcome isn't everything. Jose Theodore won the Hart Trophy even though his team barely made the playoffs.

Originally Posted by Rexor View Post
Look, I understand it was a huge tournament for German hockey and there's no doubt that Endras was instrumental to his team's success. But four acknowledgments for the fourth place team, two acknowledgments for the team who lost in the quarter-finals and no acknowledgment for the gold-medal winning team... it seems quite strange.
As was mentioned countless times, voting was done before the gold and bronze games. At that point, Germany had come close to upsetting the huge favorite while the Czechs inched past Sweden who looked like they had all but sealed the win. No one could expect the Czechs, who hardly played an impressive tournament up to that point, to control the Russians rather easily in the final.

Apart from that, the best players and the allstar team are about individual performance. Apart from Vokoun, no Czech stood out enough to really be in contention. Jagr maybe, but then again Kovalchuk or Regin were also ignored. In such a short tournament one or two games don't make a difference, so having someone from a team that lost in the quarterfinals is perfectly fine.

The only somewhat questionable decision is putting Ehrhoff in the allstar team, the rest is perfectly fine. Endras/Vokoun may have been a close call, but if both the media and the IIHF directorate choose Endras it's hard to say they are all wrong.

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