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05-24-2010, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
I'm suprised at the lack of patience for prospect development, around here. I can't really imagine us learning this lesson any more clearly, or any more recently than we just did.
More importantly Don Maloney learned that lesson. All the Gretzky detractors love to blame him for the decision to force-feed youngsters in the NHL, but Maloney (especially since he was hired because he had no FOG connection) was equally responsible, if not more for those decisions.

Maloney has publicly stated they made a mistake.

As for where OEL plays, I think the lesson we've all learned very clearly is that Maloney and Tippett will make the right decision. If they decide OEL is ready for the NHL, then I'm 100% on board with that decision.

I think the real discussion centers around whether we think OEL should play in the AHL or SEL if Maloney/Tippett decide he's not ready for the NHL....but it appears that decision has been made. I wonder who had the final say on that decision.

As for the Turris comparison, it's a little different given that OEL just played in the IIHF World Championship tournament against a lot of NHL all-star caliber players, and was pronounced by many to be the best d-man for Sweden. Even if he was only the 3rd best d-man, that counts for a lot more than what Turris did in 3 late-season, somewhat meaningless NHL games.

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