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09-30-2003, 07:55 AM
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"Well, Nedved also thinks so. That makes at least two of us. Unfortunately, the Times article that stated this and had Hlavac's quotes has been archived and I'm too cheap to pay for the damn thing."

OK, Nedved said it and you have said it. I have no intention of paying for it, however, I still have not read or seen any tidbit that tells me that Hlavac was as sought after as you claim. And what does Hlavac have to do w/ Barnaby anyway?

"I posted links to no less than four articles from the last 6 years describing how Barnaby started whining in three different cities the moment his ice time was cut. "

Yes, you managed to unearth articles about a player saying that his ice time was cut. Congrats. Big find. I doubt that you can name one player in the entire NHL who does not have an article about him talking about cut ice time (if said player has had his ice time cut). You've yet produce any kind of credible proof that Barnaby is 1) a primadonna 2) a kiss-ass 3) two-faced 4) a disruption in the lockerroom in ANY of those places.

"Like who. Dvorak is the only one who had similar ice time with similar periods of drought. Where is he?"

Devo was certainly a candidate to be sat. As was Lindros, Messier, Malacough....practially anyone on the Rangers (aside from Leetch, Nedved & Purinton) deserved to be sat for poor performance before Barnaby should have.

"Yeah, he was really sending a message there wasn't he. "

Nothing to do with sending messages and everything to do with standing up for you teamates.

"He knows he's got the cameras on him. That's his claim to fame as pathetic as it is, mugging it up for the fans. The man is shameless and as transparent as a sixties see-through blouse worn by a flat-chested woman. A lot of self-advertisement but ultimately, nothing to show"

So he only fights becuase there are cameras on him, huh? Time to start watching a little unbiased, don't you think? He is transparent to you, becuase you have it in your head that you have him all figured out. That is your OPINION and you are entitled to it. I have a different OPINION.

"Never said it did, it does have to do with Barnaby's ego and vanity however"

So becuase he has a website, he is an egomaniac? Heck, me and my friends have a website that has all of out pics from when we go out. Does that make us egomaniacs? Barnaby has a fanbase. He has a website so that he can communicate w/ his fans. I guess that every band in the world are similar egomaniacs. As is every company in the world that has a website. As is every sports team in the world that has a website. For that matter, ANYONE that has a website is now an egomaniac.

"He's a coward. He hits from behind. He never fights. He's a joke as a captain in the room. And a lot of guys on that other team share the same feeling. I know that because they told me."

Barnaby talking about an ex-teammate."

So what? And where is this quote from?

"Barnaby is a role player who can't or won't accept his role, that's always been his history"

That's not his history at all. That is nothing but your OPINION.

"then think Barnaby and then think why the hell should you care about his personal soap operas."

From what I can tell the only soap operas he has are the ones that you create for him.

Oh, and one other thing

"On your second point, you can't compare a bubble player like Barnaby to a mainstay like Leetch"

Fine. So if players like Maltby, Draper, or Mcarty were suddenly quied during preseason, their roster spot should be taken away and they should all be exposed to waivers?

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