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05-24-2010, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Hiishawk View Post
Thanks to everyone for supportive comments. This year I'm not scouting due to other commitments but while that means I've seen fewer games than usual, I can comment here with less discretion than in the past- where I had to be vague or silent on some players and points... for obvious reasons.

Jared Knight- Frustrating. One game he looks like a world-beater, hustling, creating loose pucks and finishing his chances, and the next game he's invisible. I think what scouts would like to see from Knight is one standout NHL quality to his game. He does everything reasonably well but you wonder if he's missing that party piece. I'd say mid-late second round.

Watson- I think when he realizes how many chances he can create based on skating, body work, and so on the scoring touch will come but it will probably never be his calling card. But since he does everything else so well you get the impression that he even surprises himself when he creates opportunities and when he starts feeling that he should be the guy who scores, and not someone else, he can add that dimension to his game.

Merrill- What is intriguing about Merrill is that he always seemed to raise his game against better opponents and in bigger games. He looked meh against mediocre international and US competition when I saw him but seemed to step it up when it mattered most. when he was challenged. Experience has shown me that those type of raise-your-game players tend to make better pros.
Thanks for your analysis, Hiishawk. You are a scholar and a gentleman. If you're ever in Halifax, I'd be happy to buy you a pint, or two, of Halifax's finest.

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