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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Just did a quick test on mine. I have mine hooked into my deck roof with different hooks, I pulled out the middle ones to simulate it just being held up on the side. I have so much slack in it, that the middle sagged down to only about 3 ft off the ground.

Pulling it tight enough so that a side mount would be supportive, and you may start shooting the puck through it.

Can you do something like a "swingset" a giant A frame which would support the top bar. Then he sides of the A fold down along that top bar for storage, and the net wraps around it?

Or if you ran a cable between the 2 poles, and hung the net loosely from that, it may work.

edit again:

Do you have any place you could run a top cable to hang it from?

SemperSens sent me this image of a setup he did, where just the top cable is perminant, and then he used shower curtain hooks to hang the net from the cable. And he pulls the net down after each use by quickly opening the rings and pulling it out of the cable.
I was hoping to run a cable between my two vertical pieces of PVC, my concern is how much the weight of the netting is going to pull the tops in (post above).

I was going to fold over the edges of the net thread the rope through each hole manually so that it minimizes the stress on each twine of the netting. Ideally if I run nylon through the entire edge of the net, the nylon will absorb most of the blow.

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