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09-30-2003, 08:19 AM
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Toronto will have their ups and downs as they usually do. Injuries again will play a big part in how far the Leafs go. The injury bug has decide to strike early this year with McCabe who is usually a big player for them. Roberts is hurt and Nolan is allegedly hurt. Mogilny is the scorer on that team. Sundin can be a goal scorer but can be shut down if the right guy is put on him (Keith Primeau in last year's playoff). Tucker and Domi are just penalty getters. I honestly don't know why Tucker is in the NHL when he should be in acting because he does it so well. Marchment is not really an upgrade on defense, just another goon.
Klee is a dependable guy but not a top d-man. Belfour is great but your defense is like swiss cheese, it has so many holes in it. Yeah, Belfour can negate a bad defense but it doesn't mean that he will win the games. Niewy is up there in age along with Roberts andEddie is no spring chicken either. I hear that your rookies are doing good but how many of them are staying with the team? I think you will make it to the playoffs but you will lose to us (Philly) or NJ or OTT? Any of the other teams like a Tampa, NYI or WAS, you can easily get through.

As far as the Flyers go, yeah we have some old guys in Recchi, Primeau, Leclair, Therien, and Rico among others. Recchi is still a productive player even though his stats have gone done through the years. Primeau is now establishing himself as a solid defensive center. Therien, no comment there and Rico still does well even when people have written him off. Leclair is done. He is looking like he doesn't know what is going on out there. I like John but if he stinking it up there, I would rather have guys like Chouinard and Sharp get more ice time. Right now, I would say that our top line is the Gagne-Handzus-Williams line. They have been doing great so far in the pre-season, they looked good when I saw them last Friday. JR looked speedy as always. Tony could use a little work. Guys that did impress me were Sharp and Somik. I think these guys will be contributing a lot to the team this year. Goalies, hey, Hackett is no Cechmanek which is good and bad. He's not flopping around in there but he isn't as good as Cechmanek either. From what I have seen, he's not that bad. He sees the puck well and some of the plays he is scored on is because the defense had their thumbs up their butts. Thankfully, it's only the preseason and we don't have everyone out there. Pitkanen will be a big help on defense and if Woywitka gets rid of the jitters he could help us as well.

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