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05-25-2010, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
If people want an example of prospect development going wrong look no further than Joe Thornton. His playoff rep comes directly from Boston mishandling his development by giving him too much responsibility WAY too soon.
I think you're confusing the Boston media criticisms of Jumbo Joe with actual player development. If Boston did anything wrong with Thornton's development it was playing him as an 18 year old 1st overall draft pick with a brutal season and that's about it.

At 19 he put up 40 regular season points and 9 in 11 playoff games trailing only Bourque and Allison.

At 20 he led the team with 60 points while they missed the playoffs.

At 21 he had 71 points in 72 games leading into his career PPG status. Again the team missed the playoffs.

At 22 he put up 68 points in 66 games, again the team missed the playoffs.

At 23 he had 101 points in 77 games finishing 3rd in the NHL, he tied for the team lead in playoff points with 3 in 5 games as the B's flopped as a team.

At 24 he had 73 points in 77 games and a completely brutal playoffs with 0 points in 7 games and was lambasted by the Boston media.

At the time the B's traded the next season at 25 he had 33 points in 23 games--and went on to pot another 92 points with SJ to lead the league and win the Hart Trophy.

I would absolutely love the Coyotes mishandle a player's development like that. Without the trading away a PPG Hart Trophy winner bit at the end of course.

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