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Originally Posted by CIsle View Post
Andersson is big AND a tremendous skater. Can definitely see him being of interest to a few NHL teams. Time will tell if his game translates.

As for Persson, I felt he was the worst player on the ice in the games against the Czechs and the Germans, which I watched live. At times he was brutal.... weak on his skates, caught doing circles just trying to keep up. Not sure if he was the guy who iced the puck with a no-look backhand attempt at the empty net with 14 seconds to go against the Czechs? I thought it was him.

That was just a sample size though...
Yeah, I like him a lot too...

...but in terms of skating I would be a tad suspicious. Would his skating still be such a "big" strength in the NHL?

Over the years I've more and more started to notice just how much some guys can be "big ice skaters" compared to "NA ice skaters". Especially when seeing players going from like the SEL to the AHL and comparing that with AHLers going to the SEL.

Björn Melin and Miikaa Hannula going from the SEL to the AHL and Corey Larose going from the AHL to the SEL -- are good examples.

Björn Melin in the SEL weren't exactly a stand out, but he was very powerful when he got his legs moving and pretty much a couple of times per game (3-4 years ago when he peaked) could really take the puck to the net with speed. Then I saw him 3-4 times in the AHL, not once were he able to get into thoose situations. He looked slow constantly.

It was the same with Hannula. A great skater in the SEL before and after playing in the AHL. In the AHL? He wasn't at all able to use his speed in the same way.

Corey Larose. 80 pts in 60 games in the AHL. There he was always all over the ice, always moving his legs and creating openings. In the SEL? He couldn't keep up with the pace. Looked like a horrible skater.

In Europe you can stand out with your by being able to keep speed under your skates at all times, like Hannula, or by being able to build up great top speed, like Melin. On the NA ice, its much more about being able to accelerate fast. You just don't get room nor time to do what you can do on the big ice.

Andersson isn't a copy of either Melin nor Hannula. But he still needs some room to get going. I am not 100% sure his skating is going to be the same strength in NA as it is in Europe.

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