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05-25-2010, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Hiishawk View Post
Scribe- What's on tap in Halifax? Hope to be there later this year.

Brock- If scouts scouted scouts you'd be a first-round pick. Here's my quick rundown-
Silas: Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to agree on this guy. He's as steady and reliable as they come but what is the upside? Probably 5th DF, maybe 4th, so we're talking late 2nd round. He could be the type that teams value more late in his career at playoff time- that sort of thing.

McKegg: He doesn't look pretty (poor stride) but he's smart enough to get it done- and he got better as the year went on without much support. What really raised his value though was his ability to be a threat at Minsk where some thought his skating would be a big issue. He actually has decent full-rink speed and his lack of quickness is balanced by the fact that he seems to think, and position himself, faster than just about everybody else. He's also very strong on the puck. Mid-late 2nd?

Visentin: I admit I only saw him twice and he was mediocre on both occasions. He seemed to get rattled easily and loose position, over compensate, challenged too boldly and got burned. But, as I said, that was two games!
The question as to who will be third goalie taken in this draft is an interesting one. Maybe a Quebec guy like Corbeil, Domingue or Clermond. Maybe Zane Gothberg (MinnHS) or Sam Brittain (AJHL). Maybe Visentin or Grubbauer. One (or maybe two) will go before spot #60.
Thanks Hiishawk. Really appreciate it.

If you have time, I've got one more question maybe you can help me with it (and perhaps others too since I've seen this question about 1000 times on this board). Do you have any idea why Darren Archibald went undrafted last year? Any insights at all, since it was very unexpected? And do you think he goes this year now?

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