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05-25-2010, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by RebelMe View Post
Roman Cervenka expected to get a contract in the NHL. I would give him one as a baggage handler. Maybe as a masseur if he shows some talent...

Jokes aside - Yeah, we won, but his contribution was marginal. In the last three matches, I always had a bet on with my friends that if he scores, I'm gonna do some crazy stuff...luckily, he didn't surprise me.
Originally Posted by Martinson View Post
I think we all had our expectations a bit too high. The guy's got talent and works pretty hard, he just needs to leave our league. But I have to agree- he's not an NHL-level player at this point.
Červenka is a huge talent, much bigger than people realize. He was just worn out this season. Won the scoring in Extraliga by a landslide while surrounded by sub-par teammates and carried the team into the semifinals. Until the end he still got a shot at the point score record of Czech Extraliga and finished 3 or 4 points shy of it. He won the play-offs scoring title as well with 24 points. The next guy had 18. He is 24 years old and had no match in the league. He lodged too many minutes, played both Olympics and WCH. He just had his fuel tank empty by the end of the season.

He has speed, vision, he can both score and pass (oh man can he pass), he can stickhandle, apart from his smallish stature he has no disadvantage. And even that he turn into advantage with his elusiveness.

He is not a top6 NHL forward yet, but he sure has the potential and for teams like Toronto he would be a steal. One year to get accustomed to the NHL and he might become a top 6 forward in some team in need of quality.

I'm sure he'd even thrive as a 3rd line center with some wingers that have speed and can play more than dump and chase.

All in all, his talent is wasted both in Czech extraliga and KHL. I hope some GM of some weaker NHL teams will realize that. The problem is the best NHL teams obviously don't need him and the worse teams wouldn't be where they are if their GMs were up to something. So the most likely scenario is he'll get lost somewhere in Siberia and his talent will never fully develop.

Next year that useless Hadamczik will take over the national team and Červenka (Růžička's product as he is) will never see the national jersey again. (Oh and we will be relegated and will play in 2012 against teams like Ukraine, Poland, Great Britain and Netherlands in group B)

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