Thread: Andrew Gross: Jim Schoenfeld interview
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05-25-2010, 08:30 AM
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im curious about this part:

“We have very strong opinions but we try to keep our opinions internal unless Glen (Sather) wants to share them,” Schoenfeld said. “We’re smart enough to know we might not be able to fill all our needs. We have a good plan of attack but there might be a year where we need a Marian Gaborik and there isn’t a Gaborik out there. To say we need a high-scoring right wing from Slovakia, to make that statement and all we’ve got is a grinding left week from Cheektowaga, when we sign that guy, it’s not fair to that guy.”
i can't determine if he's saying A or B:

A: if they can't get what they wanted then they'll decide to address another issue

B: if they can't get their first choice for a player, they just move down the line to their 2nd or 3rd alternative to that player

A is the right way to do it, but historically they have overwhelmingly chosen option B

hopefully he's saying that this year they acknowledge that they can't fill all their needs so their going to lean more towards A, and try to make better decisions to more adequetly fill a hole on the team, rather than making a half-assed attempt to fill all of them

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