Thread: Post-Game Talk: still wanna fire Homer?
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05-25-2010, 10:54 AM
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His biggest accomplishments were all corrections for his biggest mistakes.... all of which presented big hurdles for the team to overcome.

- Hiring Lavi in the offseason would have made the team a top 4 seed in the East easily, instead we were 7th and made it in on the last day.

- Signing a more proven goalie to backup Razor would have allowed the team to not NEED to PRAY that a JOURNEYMAN BACKUP/AHL GOALIE could step in and carry us to the SCF.

- Dealing Jones in the offseason would have allowed the team to not have to carry half of his deadweight salary around after Holmgren grew a conscience, which also hamstrung us from getting a goalie at the deadline.

Lavi, Leighton, Richards, Pronger and Giroux all saved Holmgren's *** from getting fired this offseason.

2 of those names were bandaids for his mistakes, 2 were drafted by Clarke and one was vastly overpaid for in a trade.

Holmgren can fleece GMs in trades for minor parts (Leino, Legein, etc.), but he is an absolute dunce with the cap, has far too much of a conscience to be a shrewd business man and is far too comfortable with question marks in key spots than he should be.

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